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Examination Surgery

An indispensable study guide to help surgical trainees prepare and perform for their fellowship exam. Examination Surgery offers invaluable insight into the format and content of the Fellowship Examination in General Surgery. This study guide addresses the most frequently encountered topics from the last 10 years of examinations. It helps surgical trainees organise their studies and optimise their performance in what is reputedly one of the most rigorous postgraduate exams. The general surgery fellowship tests clinical wisdom, judgement, insight and safe practice, and Examination Surgery’s preparation material accurately reflects what you will encounter in the exam. Arranged to mirror the exam’s individual components, Examination Surgery is divided into the following sections: The written papersClinical viva vocesSurgical anatomy viva voceOperative surgery viva vocePathophysiology and critical care and clinical reasoning viva voce This Elsevier study guide is aimed at candidates preparing for the Fellowship Examination in General Surgery of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. It is, however, also relevant for candidates in the UK, Ireland, Canada, South Africa and Hong Kong, plus all general surgeons, surgical residents and medical students. How to approach each examMost frequently encountered topicsCommon questions and scenarios with ‘model answers’Fellowship examination format and recommended techniqueProven study strategies

Author: Christopher J Young, Marc A Gladman
ISBN: 9780729581486

Format: PDF
Size: 36.39 Mb


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