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Bone Metastases

An introductory text on bone metastases written by experts from various disciplines. It covers the basic principles of surgery in bone cancer, classification, medical treatment, radiotherapy, surgical treatment, incidence and pain relief. The steady progress in diagnosis and treatment of bone cancer in the last decade has dramatically changed the prognosis of cancer patients, improving significantly the overall survival rate and quality of life. Multidisciplinary treatments that combine surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, as described in this book, show significantly improved results and an above average survival rate. Some hematologic malignancies that involve bone may be cured with systemic chemotherapy or radiotherapy, but for most patients with bone metastases, pain relief is the goal of therapy.

Author: Dominique G. Poitout
ISBN: 9781447132530

Format: PDF
Size: 17.72 Mb


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