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Traumatic Brain Injury

Practitioners today see increasing numbers of brain injuries across the country and around the globe. The causes run the gamut of human endeavor, from frailty associated with aging, military activity, sports, and motor vehicle accidents of all kinds. With a growing awareness of the effects of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and the need for early intervention to ameliorate these effects and improve patient outcomes have come demand for practical information for clinicians on the ‘frontlines’. “Traumatic Brain Injury: Rehabilitation Medicine Quick Reference” provides the necessary knowledge the busy practitioner needs to deliver quality care to TBI patients. Addressing one hundred varied topics presented in a consistent two-page format for maximum clinical utility, this nuts and bolts resource is organized in three sections. The first focuses on assessment of acute or chronic TBI, covering physical examination and diagnostic testing.The bulk of the book provides an alphabetically arranged catalog of brain injury conditions and sequelae commonly seen by practitioners, as well as specialized areas of TBI care for unique patient populations such as sports or military injury, and sequelae, such as post-traumatic stress disorder or neuroendocrine disorders. The final section outlines treatment interventions and expected functional outcomes. Features of “Rehabilitation Medicine Quick Reference Series” titles include: comprehensive coverage of all important topics in PM&R, and multi-specialty editorship and authorship. The chapters are organized into succinct facts, presented in a bullet point format. They are laid out for easy look up by syndrome, complication and treatment. They focus on clinical management provides readers with hands-on, practical guidance for all types of interventions and therapies. They follow consistent approach that allows readers to know exactly where to find the information they need rapidly. ‘Pitfalls’, ‘Red Flags’, ‘Complications’, and ‘Helpful Hints’ help guard against unwanted sequelae.

Author: David X. Cifu, Deborah Caruso, David X. Cifu
ISBN: 9781933864617
Pages: 182
Format: PDF
Size: 15.98 Mb


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