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Movement Disorder Surgery

Authored by world renowned experts in neurosurgery and neurology, this book is a comprehensive reference for the entire spectrum of surgical treatments for movement disorders, with an emphasis on the use of deep brain stimulation. It provides essential information on the proposed mechanism of action, electrophysiology, preoperative evaluation, surgical techniques, postoperative care, and anticipated outcomes. High-quality images of anatomy and electrophysiology supplement detailed descriptions of each surgical procedure to ensure that clinicians gain a solid understanding of each clinical problem. The text covers the newest techniques, such as frameless functional stereotactic approaches, and provides critical discussion of the efficacy and possible complications of deep brain stimulation.Features: * Complete technical details for performing movement disorder surgery with or without microelectrode recording * Practical discussion of a simplified electrical basis for programming deep brain stimulators * Information about new directions for deep brain stimulation as well as alternative therapies, such as gene therapy and cellular therapy * Guidance on how to avoid and manage potential complications * Extensive coverage of anesthesia to help clinicians optimize patient care and comfort * Recommendations for setting up a multidisciplinary practice * More than 150 high-quality illustrations demonstrating key concepts This essential reference will aid clinicians and residents in neurosurgery, neurology, anesthesiology, and neurophysiology in instituting the best practices for movement disorder surgery.

Author: A. E. Bakay
ISBN: 9781588903976
Pages: 274
Format: PDF
Size: 38.41 Mb


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