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Clinical Transplantation

This volume has been written specifically for the practising clinician. All aspects of clinical transplantation have expanded enormously in recent years, but many of the doctors involved have received little or no tuition in immunology as medical students. The various chapters, written by physicians, surgeons, pathologists and immunologists present many of the currently important issues in transplantation and demonstrate that a basic undertaking of immunology is now essential in many areas of clinical practice. Perhaps this book will not only produce an increasing awareness of immunological technique but also and, more importantly, stimulate an abiding interest in this clinically relevant topic. Graeme R. Catto Aberdeen Royal Infirmary vii Series Editor’s Note The modern clinician is expected to be the fount of all wisdom concerning conventional diagnosis and management relevant to his sphere of practice. In addition, he or she has the daunting task of comprehending and keeping pace with advances in basic science relevant to the pathogenesis of disease and ways in which these processes can be regulated or prevented.Immunology has grown from the era of antitoxins and serum sickness to a state where the study of many diverse cells and molecules has become integrated into a coherent scientific discipline with major implications for many common and crippling diseases prevalent throughout the world.

Author: G. R. Catto
ISBN: 9789401079440

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