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“Phonosurgery: theory and practice” is a book that makes an impor- tant contribution to the literature in laryngology. Professor Isshiki has been a driving force in the investigation and correction of certain conditions of the voice. His leadership in this field over two decades has proved to be an inspiration to those interested in the diagnosis and correction of the abnormal voice. His unique background and training in both otolaryngology and plastic surgery has provided him with fundamental knowledge and experience in the study of the voice and larynx and has given him an opportunity to utilize innovative surgical techniques in the correction of some of these problems. Professor Isshiki’s name is indelibly linked with laryngeal framework surgery, and those who read this book will not be dis- appointed. The book provides very adequate information on the phy- siology and pathology of the voice.Emphasis is given to diagnostic aspects of abnormalities of the voice which have been made easier with the development of high technology, such as the use of the com- puter and improved laryngoscopes, which include brighter lights, higher resolution lenses, and, when combined with stroboscopy and high-speed filming videolaryngoscopy, provide a valuable tool in faci- litating communication between the patient, the physician, and the voice therapist.

Author: Nobuhiko Isshiki
ISBN: 9784431683605

Format: PDF
Size: 37.78 Mb


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