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Autologous Fat Transplantation

Discusses adding human serum albumin during harvesting and washing of the graft material to maintain colloid osmotic pressure! This book considers various techniques used by the world’s top cosmetic and plastic surgeons to perform autologous fat transfer to all areas of the body, highlighting the entire procedure, and covering donor site selection, infiltration with tumescent solution, aspiration by cannula with suction or syringe, washing, injection, dressings, and freezing. Focuses on overall attractiveness rather than simple rejuvenation!550 photographs, micrographs, and references, Autologous Fat Transplantation explores the advantage of using small fat particles to improve neovascularization assesses the danger of tissue trauma caused by liposuction argues against using fat for augmentation when it impairs fluent muscle interaction considers substituting fat transfer for implants during malar and chin augmentation describes fat transfer with Botox to prevent muscle contraction and consequent drooping of the eyebrow and forehead details dermabrasion, skin peeling, vein stripping, lifting, and filling of the hands reveals how to correct deep facial furrows, sunken areas, and atrophic scars explores the combination of autologous fat and microparticulate alloplastic to correct contour defects and more! Autologous Fat Transplantation is a cutting-edge reference for plastic, cosmetic, reconstructive, head and neck, oral maxillofacial, and oculoplastic surgeons; dermatologists; otolaryngologists; ophthalmologists; and medical school students in these disciplines.

Author: Melvin A. Shiffman
ISBN: 9780824704841
Pages: 323
Format: PDF
Size: 21.43 Mb


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