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Pediatric Robotic Urology

Robotic technology has paved the way for new opportunities in pediatric urologic surgery. Where once laparoscopy was restricted to urological conditions in children such as undescended testicles and ambiguous genitalia, robotic techniques are now enabling the completion of greatly needed, more involved procedures. Written by highly respected surgeons, “Pediatric Robotic Urology” provides a state-of-the-art, comprehensive overview of the precise surgical techniques that are changing the practice of pediatric urologic surgery. Divided in two sections and covering both introductory topics and advanced surgical techniques, “Pediatric Robotic Urology” also includes myriad illustrations and photographs of intraoperative procedures. Developed for accessible reading, this invaluable title is a concise, yet broad reference that is certain to be of significant value to urologists, surgeons, and all health care providers who care for pediatric urologic patients.

Author: Jeffrey S. Palmer
ISBN: 9781603274210
Pages: 227
Format: PDF
Size: 30.34 Mb


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