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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Guidelines, operative techniques, and postoperative management for rhinoplasty of the non-Caucasian nose. Starting with the basics of Black, Hispanic, and Asian nasal anatomy, the book goes on to encompass preoperative nasal evaluation and surgical planning. The author demonstrates his renowned techniques, including those for nasal septum and turbinates, nasal dorsum and bridge, alar rim and nasal base reduction, and the nasal tip. Close to 200 clinical and operative illustrations – 50 in full colour – are backed by important protocols for revision rhinoplasty as well as for the management of risks and complications. A must for all plastic surgeons wishing to add the latest in non-Caucasian nasal refinement techniques to their office practice.

Author: Steven M. Hoefflin
ISBN: 9781461272298

Format: PDF
Size: 39.43 Mb


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