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Interventional Neuroradiology

The methods of interventional neuroradiology represent a distinct and difficult branch with- in the new field of interventional radiology. The editor of this volume, Anton Valavanis, is a pioneer in this area, and one of the outstanding neuroradiologists in the world. Furthermore, he has brought together the foremost scientists and clinical neuroradiologists in the field to present the individual chapters. The book gives an overview ofthe state of the art in interventional neuroradiology. Each of the 12 chapters is devoted to a disease which can be treated by interventional neuroradio- logical techniques. Pertinent information is provided on anatomical detail, technical back- ground, and clinical aspects; in each case a detailed description of the indications, techniques, and possible complications of interventional neuroradiology is provided. Due consideration is given to the endovascular and nonvascular applications of the techniques. This book is the first comprehensive update of interventional neuroradiology and will acquaint the reader with well-established facts, recent advances, and future perspectives within this new discipline.It will be of special value to those working in neuroradiology but will also prove very helpful for neurosurgeons, neurologists, and ophthalmologists, as well as all physicians and researchers in the clinical neurosciences. We hope that the book will meet with the reception and success that it undoubtedly merits.

ISBN: 9783642844362
Pages: 196
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