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Standard Variants of the Skull and Brain

The author describes in his unique style the anatomical variants of the brain and skull. This atlas is a continuation of his last work on “Neuronavigation and Neuroanatomy”. Most anatomical reference volumes show a large number of common and rare variations. This atlas concentrates on well known and little known variants which are especially important for the clinicians, in particular the neurosurgeons and the radiologists. The variants have been grouped after areas of trepanation. The author presents also a number of so far unknown variants gathered from his personal theoretical and clinical experience of 50 years. Exact knowledge of anatomical variations which the surgeon may encounter helps to plan operations and to avoid unexpected complications. Variants of no clinical relevance, even rather common ones, have not been included.

Author: Wolfgang Seeger
ISBN: 9783211009567
Pages: 370
Format: PDF
Size: 32.07 Mb


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