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Cytokines and Bone Metabolism

Cytokines and Bone Metabolism presents a comprehensive review of the research done to date on the role of cytokines in bone metabolism. All of the major groups of cytokines and growth factors are covered, and more than 2,000 references are included. In each chapter, the biochemistry and wider cellular actions of individual factors are reviewed before data detailing the in vitro and in vivo actions in bone are presented. Extensive reviews of the cell biology of bone, the potential role of cytokines in bone diseases, and the theoretical and practical possibilities for pharmacological intervention based on cytokines as targets are also provided. Cytokines and Bone Metabolism is an indispensable reference for researchers and students in a wide range of medical fields.

Author: Maxine Gowen
ISBN: 9780849362682

Format: PDF
Size: 20.34 Mb


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