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Problem Knee, Third Edition

A fully updated edition of the classic text on the knee, The Problem Knee, Third Edition is highly illustrated in colour and offers a fundamental approach to dealing with soft-tissue and skeletal disorders of the knee. The book focuses on younger patients, rather than degenerative conditions, covering both injuries and congenital abnormalites.The crucial skills of accurate history-taking, clinical examination, investigation and modern surgical management are the focus throughout. From this framework, the latest techniques in imaging and arthroscopic procedures, rehabilitation methods and ligament reconstruction are discussed, plus indications for techniques such as meniscal suturing and osteochondral grafting.A logical, systematic approachClear line drawings to illustrate examination methods Scans and x-rays to help you identify injuries and problemsOver 500 references

Author: Malcolm Macnicol, Franky Steenbrugge
ISBN: 9781444150018

Format: PDF
Size: 34.96 Mb


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