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Intracranial Infections

This title covers such topics as: Epidemiology of Central Nervous System Infections; Imaging of Cranial Meningitis and Ventriculitis; Encephalitis, Cerebritis and Brain Abscess; Imaging of Central Nervous System Tuberculosis; Imaging of Rickettsial, Spirochetal, and Parasitic Infections; Imaging of Neurocysticercosis; Fungal Infections of the Central Nervous System; Central Nervous System Infections in the Pediatric Population; Imaging of Infectious Diseases of Spine; Neuropathological Findings in Intracranial Infections; Neurosurgical Approach to Infectious Disease of the Brain; and, Head and Neck Infections.

Author: Guarang Shah
ISBN: 9781455711093

Format: PDF
Size: 14.22 Mb


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