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Maturation Phenomenon in Cerebral Ischaemia

It has been well recognized that following an ischemic insult many nerve cells of the brain are not killed outright, but may suffer a “delayed neuronal death” or even recover. This led to the concept of “maturation phenomenon” with its main implication that the maturation of ischemic lesions may provide a “window of opportunity” i.e. a period of time when the injury to neuronal elements is still reversible, and during which an application of proper therapeutic measures might be successful. The symposium on Maturation Phenomenon in Cerebral Ischemia was the first international meeting focussed primarily on this subject and the resulting publication contains presentations and discussionsby prominent researchers engaged in this field. This book should stimulate further research on potential of brain tissue for recovery, and particularly with regard to a functional recovery of neurons suffering from chronic ischemic injury.

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