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Benign Cerebral Gliomas, Volume I

Benign Cerebral Glioma – Volume I is a valuable text which looks at the rapidly expanding, multidisciplinary body of knowledge about the development, molecular biology, molecular genetic and pathology of human cerebral gliomas. Liberally illustrated, Benign Cerebral Gliomas-Volume 1 is written and edited by recognized experts in the field. Some of the topics included in Volume I include: -The developmental biology of glial cells and its relation to the study of glioma biology -The pathology of benign cerebral astrocytomas, oligodendrogliomas, benigh ependymomas and ganglion cell tumors -Patterns of tumor growth and problems associated with histological typing of low-grad gliomas -Growth factors and proliferation potential -Malignant progression in gliomas

Author: Apuzzo
ISBN: 9783131347114
Pages: 210
Format: PDF
Size: 24.70 Mb


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