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Vascular Diseases Simplified

Vascular disease is a form of cardiovascular disorder primarily affecting the blood vessels. Vascular Diseases Simplified is a straightforward guide to identifying, diagnosing, treating and managing vascular diseases. Specific vascular disorders are covered by chapter, detailing the most recent practices and techniques in diagnosis, and currently available treatments. Topics covered range from acute and chronic lower limb ischemia to deep vein thrombosis and carotid artery disease. Each chapter presents a step-by-step guide to recognising and diagnosing vascular diseases, before suggesting a range of treatments appropriate to each condition. Also included is a chapter on haemodialysis access procedures, to guide practitioners in the removal of waste products from the blood. Vascular Diseases Simplified is highly illustrated with 388 full colour images including clinical photographs and radiology images, enhancing this simple guide to the most recent practices in the field of vascular diseases.Key Points * Guide to diagnosis , treatment and management of a range of vascular disorders * Includes the most recent practices and treatment modalities in the field *388 full colour images and illustrations

Author: Sumit Kapadia
ISBN: 9789351526711
Pages: 230
Format: PDF
Size: 21.30 Mb


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