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Hernia Surgery

This text provides a state-of-the-art reference in the rapidly changing field of hernia surgery. The textbook presents a full spectrum of current options, with a particular emphasis on treatment algorithms for patient optimization, material and technique selections. With contributions by key opinion leaders in the field of general and plastic surgery, this book describes the latest trends and detailed technical modifications from routine to the most complex of hernia scenarios. The reader will gain unique insights into a wide spectrum of hernia issues, including clinical anatomy and physiology of the abdominal-pelvic wall, various minimally invasive approaches, anterior and posterior component separations, parastomal, flank, suprapubic and other difficult hernia repairs, reconstructions in the setting of infection, contamination, enterocutaneous fistulas and loss of abdominal wall domain. In addition, important contributions from key reconstructive plastic surgeons detail modern trends on how to deal with complex skin and soft tissue challenges, including concurrent panniculectomies, tissue expanders and flaps.The textbook provides unparalleled step-by-step instructions to perform both routine and complex repairs by using not only incredible illustrations, but also by highlighting operative details through intra-operative color photographs and a unique video collection of procedures performed by today’s top hernia surgeons. As a comprehensive and most up-to-date reference to modern trends in prosthetic science and technique selections, Hernia Surgery: Current Principles will be an invaluable resource to all residents and practicing general, plastic, and trauma surgeons to help them succeed in the field of Hernia surgery.

Author: Yuri W. Novitsky
ISBN: 9783319274683

Format: PDF
Size: 12.42 Mb


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