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Refractive Surgery Nightmares

Even the most experienced refractive surgeon can encounter stressful situations in the operating room. Be prepared to manage unavoidable and challenging complications with “Refractive Surgery Nightmares” by your side. Dr. Amar Agarwal explains all there is to know about refractive surgery techniques in “Refractive Surgery Nightmares” to help you stay in control when facing unique surgical challenges. More than 300 illustrations and clinical photographs supplement the important information presented, providing visual as well as textual references. An accompanying video CD-ROM with 60 minutes of live video techniques supplements the text. “Refractive Surgery Nightmares” provides surgeons with a solid understanding of preoperative examinations, surface ablation procedures, LASIK, and lens based surgeries and the tricky situations that can arise and turn into every surgeon’s worst nightmare. Refractive surgery complications include: DLK and corneal infections; Topographic and wavefront aberrometry disasters; Femtosecond laser complications; Flap complications; Decentered ablations; and, Iatrogenic keratectasia.

Author: Amar Agarwal
ISBN: 9781556427886
Pages: 394
Format: PDF
Size: 23.57 Mb


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