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This monograph presents a comprehensive review of the clinical experience in surgical repair of cranial defects which the author has gained during a period of over ten years. Particular problems of patients undergoing cranioplasty, such as neurological impairments, EEG changes, variations of intracranial pressure, and sinking skin flap syndrome are described and discussed. The author presents convincing evidence of the importance of cranioplasty in improving the quality of life of patients with large and disfiguring cranial defects. Unfortunately, cranioplasty still ameliorates only to a minimal extent the general condition in patients suffering of major cerebral lesions. I am convinced that this volume will serve the purpose it was designed for : that it will be a most helpful introduction into the problems related to reconstructive surgery. Basel, August 1984 Otmar Gratzl Contents Introduction …1 A. History of Cranioplasty …3 B. Clinical Aspects of Cranial Bone Defects …6 I. Origin of Cranial Defects …6 1. Acquired Defects …6 2. Congenital Defects …9 3. Demographic and Other Characteristics of Patients …9 II.Neurological and Psychic Changes Before and After Cranioplasty …11 1. Classification of Neurological Deficits and of the Skin Flap Types …13 2. The “Sinking Skin Flap Syndrome” …16 3. The Influence of Cranioplasty Upon Neurological and Psychic Changes 17 III. Electroencephalographic (EEG) Changes in Patients with Cranial Defects 21 1. EEG Recordings and Casuistic …22 2. Evaluation of EEG Changes …22 IV. Scintigraphy Findings in Patients with Cranial Bone Defects …26 1. Casuistic …28 2. Results and Discussion …

Author: D. Stula
ISBN: 9783211818084
Pages: 114
Format: PDF
Size: 18.15 Mb


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