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CT of the Peritoneum

This superbly illustrated book, by two of the leading radiologists in Italy, is the first to be devoted entirely to computed tomography of the peritoneum. The case documentation encompasses both common and rare pathological conditions, and is the product of 20 years of painstaking research. Completely original aspects are the description of three-dimensional CT anatomy, with coronal and sagittal reconstructions, and the illustrative schemes of the peritoneum, ligaments, mesentery, peritoneal cavity, and sub- and extraperitoneal structures. This book will be invaluable in improving knowledge of a topic that cannot be treated in detail in general texts on abdominal CT. Furthermore, it will be of great assistance to both radiologists and clinicians in resolving difficult and urgent diagnostic problems encountered during their everyday work.

Author: Armando Rossi
ISBN: 9783540414001
Pages: 424
Format: PDF
Size: 21.97 Mb


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