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Trachea and Lung Surgery in Childhood

With improvements in respirator therapy and intensive care, congenital malformations and various acquired pathologic deformities of the trachea or bronchi are more often observed than used to be the case. For a while it seemed that tracheostomy would be unnecessary, but it has since become quite clear that severe disturbance of the trachea would be the outcome owing to primary or secondary pathologic changes that had not been given adequate consideration previous. These changes can lead to urgent life-threatening episodes or definite mutilation for the rest of the child’s life. Tracheal surgery thus repre- sents a new and special challenge for the pediatric surgeon. A solution to these serious problems must be found and merits discussion. Further- more, it seems worthwhile to review cases of surgical pulmonary dis- eases, except for the already widely discussed problems ofempyemas or bronchiectasis. P. WURNIG, Vienna Contents Pathophysiology of Subglottic Tracheal Stenosis in Childhood. B.MINNIGERODE and H.G.RICHTER. With2Figures 1 Subglottic Stenosis in Newborns After Mechanical Ventilation. M.MARCOVICH, F.POLLAUF, and K.BURIAN. With 3 Figures …8Treatment of Congenital Cricoid Stenosis. R.N. P. BERKOVITS, E.J. VAN DER SCHANS, and J. C. MOLENAAR. With 7 Figures …20 Surgical Correction of Laryngotracheal Stenoses in Children. E. HOF. With 6 Figures …29 Surgical Treatment of Congenital Laryngotracheo-oesophageal Cleft. R.N.P.BERKOVITS, N.M.A.BAX, and E.J. VAN DER SCHANS.

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