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This book addresses the design as well as the properties of various materials used in medical implantology. The discussion of the properties of these materials, methods of testing in vivo and in vitro and the design of implants is introduced with the help of examples of well functioning prostheses. This didactical approach will help the students or reseachers in the biomedical field as well as the generally interested reader with scientific background to absorb in a smooth way the fundaments of a discipline which is bridging parts of engineering to medical science and vice versa. The authors hope by this book to stimulate further reading and in depth study in this field. This book is a new edition and differentiates itself from currently available books in its didactical approach.

Author: Jozef A. Helsen
ISBN: 9783642125317
Pages: 340
Format: PDF
Size: 12.91 Mb


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