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Minimally Invasive Procedures in Facial Plastic Surgery

A collection of minimally invasive facial rejuvenation techniques are examined to answer the question: Are they replacing more traditional/aggressive surgical procedures?” This clinical and surgical information in “Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics” examines the increasing use of less invasive procedures and addresses how these are changing the surgeon’s traditional approaches…15-minute rhinoplasty, 1-hour facelift, lunchtime laser treatment, 5-minute Botox…all are very much in the public consciousness and facial plastic surgeons address minimally invasive procedures with the question: Do they work? What is the evidence in terms of outcomes for each of the procedures addressed? What are the challenges? Authors compare a minimally invasive technique with its more invasive procedure counterpart in facial rejuvenation and provide their own experience and sense of ultimate long-term results, technique, complications, contraindications, recovery, patient selection.Endoscopic brow lift is compared with coronal brow lift; Necklifts are compared with cervical skin tightening devices; Facial fillers are compared with facial implants; Fractional and ablative CO2 resurfacing are compared; Rhinoplasty versus fillers; and more…Guest Editor Theda Kontis leads this presentation intended for facial plastic surgeons, plastic surgeons, and other specialists who are certified to practice cosmetic surgery.

Author: Theda Kontis
ISBN: 9781455770878

Format: PDF
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