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Assessment of Nonorthopedic Sports Injuries

Assessment of Nonorthopedic Sports Injuries: A Sideline Reference is a concise and user-friendly guide that will benefit both the clinician and the student. This handy manual will help the clinician evaluate an d treat nonorthopedic injuries on the sidelines at sporting events and can also be used as a study guide for students in the classroom. Thi s well-organized reference guide contains algorithms, tables, and illu strations along with chapters that include an introduction and brief a natomy review, where applicable. The algorithms are designed to rule o ut potentially catastrophic injuries, such as cervical spine and head injuries. The algorithms will then guide the clinician through an eval uation specific to the injury, so that a differentiation can be made b etween the signs and symptoms indicative of serious conditions and tho se that are relatively benign.

Author: Jeffrey Lewandowski
ISBN: 9781556424441

Format: PDF
Size: 24.32 Mb


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